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Shadows of Difference - Abinasia: Land of the Silver Seas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Shadows of Difference [Jul. 19th, 2004|03:19 am]


[mood |awake]
[music |Ryuusei (Shooting Star) - TiA - Naruto ending #6]

The title to this piece is called "Shadows of Difference", since it's obvious that Elerian is a Ilythiiri and Allaire a Kitrye Darthirii

The relationship between these two is purely based on the fact that they are ancient beings stuck in the 'present' of the current Abinasia RP session. They solely are attracted because of their hunger for more background knowledge since Allaire was locked up for quite some time without experiencing anything else but sadness and death. Elerian has lost her mind to a powerfull spell and is ever lurking around to get back what she once possessed, a mind of her own to remember and relish in. Ruwarch, her shadow familiar is the only one that she knows as a direct 'family' feeling. Allaire remembers quite well how they both practised in bootcamp way back in Hartendale's army barracks. Little did he knew she went on to be promoted to one of the 13 personal bodyguards of one of the evil force leaders from Hartendale's lineage, and little did she knew that Allaire's double-life entwined her destiny for the future.

Sadrine never knew, Elerian never asked, and the mad wizard never cared. Now they walk together in a party that tries to help out matters down south, in search of the ancient Faerie Princess (sp?), longing for seperate goals that they set for themselves, if one remembers. But their shadows are no different from eachother, and relationships do not solely have to be love-based...